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piworld 2020 round up interview: David Thornton

piworld 2020 round up interview: David Thornton

29 December 2020

David’s performance from the lows of March to December 2020, was +99%, with a ytd performance (to 14.12.20) of +10%. Here David outlines what went well, with Tremor (TRMR), which endorses the need for patience and taking a long term view. IMImobile (IMO) didn’t go so well, selling out two weeks before their bid. However, David is sanguine, and explains running a concentrated portfolio means you have to make choices, and sometimes that means you forgo opportunities, as here. He adds, running a shorter list you should get greater long term performance. Equally he points out, some shares can ‘go to sleep’, and it’s important to remember why you bought in originally. David’s 2021 pick is Venture Life (VLG), although the chart looks weak, which David suggests might be due to a sentiment move to value. Sales are up 50% this year, and he believes the 2021 forecasts are ‘simply too low’.

David’s performance ytd: +10% up 99% from the low – 00:38
What went well: Tremor (TRMR) – 02:50
Codemasters (CDM) – 06:10
What didn’t go so well: IMImobile (IMO) sold 2 weeks before the bid – 07:09
What’s David bullish about for 2021: Venture Life – 11:30
Where to find David and get your free issue of Growth Company Investor -15:19

About David Thornton: Following an extensive career in the City David is Editor & Owner of Growth Company Investor (GCI), an excellent publication about Small Cap Shares. David, graduated 1982 and went into the City as a trainee UK equity investment analyst with an insurance company. 1985 started managing money at Br Gas pension fund. 1987-04 fund manager at Henderson. Spent 4 years doing US equities before returning to UK desk. 2006-12 launched and ran an East European fund at a hedge fund boutique (Russia, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Greece etc). Doing these markets turned out to be good training for looking at the nether reaches of AIM which was his next job! 2013 onwards – financial journalism focused on UK small caps. Initially Redhot Penny Shares newsletter (part of MoneyWeek) and since 2015 Growth Company Investor (GCI). In September 2020 David acquired GCI from the original owners, Bonhill plc.

Twitter: @growthcompany

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