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piworld: Andy Brough's 3 minute StockSlam & other gems

piworld: Andy Brough's 3 minute StockSlam & other gems

30 April 2021

Andy commented on Twitter on the Stockopedia/piworld StockSlam from April; we catch up with Andy to hear what caught his eye, how he perceives the retail investor, how to ‘Slam a stock’ and reflections from his career as a Fund Manager. A stream of investing gems to entertain and inform.

00:30 Stockopedia/piworld StockSlam & the PI community; mentions of John Menzies (MNZS), Tandem (TND) & Micro Focus (MCRO) & DX Group (DX.)
03:09 Liquidity and size of position in the fund with reference to Xaar (XAR)
04:17 What can the retail investor learn from the Fund Manager?
07:11 If you have 3 minutes to pitch a stock, what do you need to cover?
09:07 Selling: How do you know those stocks that keep growing and those that don’t.
11:13 Dart Group (JET2)
11:44 What did you learn from selling too early? ITM Power (ITM), AFC Energy (AFC)
14: 03 3 minute StockSlam: Studio Retail Group (STU)
18:56 How important is the retail investor to listed companies?
20:09 Andy’s children and investing
24:24 What advice would you give to your younger self?
28:32 Should companies be communicating with retail investors?
29:22 Do you favour meeting management?
31:55 Ted Baker (TED)
32:55 Placings: will they continue?
34:26 What do you think of markets at the moment?
36:28 How do you feel about inflation?

At several points, Andy refers to a piworld interview with Rosemary Baynard, Fund manager at VT Downing Unique Opportunities Fund, watch here. 

About Andy Brough:

• Head of the UK & European Small and Mid Cap team
• Manager of the Schroder Mid 250 Fund and the Schroder UK Smaller Companies Fund
• Co-Manager of the Schroder UK Mid Cap Fund plc and Co-manager of the Schroder Institutional UK Smaller Companies Fund
• Co-manager of Schroder ISF European Smaller Companies
• Investment career commenced on joining Schroders in 1987
• Chartered Accountant
• BSc in Economics, Manchester University

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