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piworld interview: An Hour with Cockney Rebel

piworld interview: An Hour with Cockney Rebel

25 September 2020

Cockney Rebel AKA Richard Crow, has a name for making money in small caps, with a knack for perfect timing. He has an annual investment return of 30%+, and runs a private chatroom of over 250 members, who discuss stocks. In this interview we glean more about how Richard invests to get such good returns, what he looks for; recovery plays he’s holding, catalysts for selling, and a general feel for his investing style.

Introduction – 00:18
Richard’s background – 00:53
What return do you look to achieve? – 10:18
What alerts you to a new investment? – 11:30
Today, are you just looking for recovery plays? – 17:00
Xaar (XAR) – 18:47
De La Rue (DLAR) – 24:18
SIG (SHI) – 29 :50
How long do you hold your core positions? – 35:33
Catalysts for selling? – 36:46
Size of holding size? – 37:28
Number of holdings? – 39:07
Vertu Motors (VTU) – 40:00

Q&A Greggs (GRG) & House builders – 42:48
Did your style evolved through trial & errors?
What were your biggest howlers and what did you learn from them? – 44:35 D
o you have a view on insurers, specifically Legal & General (LGEN) – 46:05
Evolution of your strategy? – 47:00
When do you decide you made a mistake and sell? Do you have price limits or any other indicators? – 49:33
Do you ever use stop losses? – 50:43
Loop-Up (LOOP) – 51:33
Ted Baker (TED) & – 52.15
Cockney Rebel chat room – 54:01

About Richard Crow After starting life as a milkman and ending up paralysed after a motorbike accident @ 19 years old, Richard started investing in 1982. Mainly punting penny shares and buying unit trusts all went quite well until the 1987 Black Monday Crash where he lost a third of his investments. Undeterred he returned to investing several years later and had good success in the tech boom, selling out early before most of the tech rout. Thereafter, he started investing and trading, mainly in small caps finding many multi-baggers and much greater success. He now runs a very restricted private chatroom of some 260 or so members where members discus the stock news of the day and stock merits and opinions, together with chat and banter re life, gardening, photography and more. He also has a cracking sense of humour and posts numerous great jokes and one-liners, (he wrote that bit).

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