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piworld interview: An hour with Paul Jourdan

piworld interview: An hour with Paul Jourdan

06 November 2020

A fabulous hour with Paul Jourdan, CEO and Co-Founder of Amati Global Investors. We get a real sense of his investing rationale and thinking. Paul talks about where he sees market opportunities. How Amati dealt with CV19. Companies he thinks are interesting. What he’s learned from mistakes. Particularly thought provoking, his comment, it’s not the losers that cost investors, but the expense of missing the great opportunities where you miss a multiple of what you invested.

Paul’s background – 00:50
Paul/Amati’s performance – 03:15
How do you spot companies at such an early stage?- 06:30
Those that didn’t work out? – 14:30
GB Group (GBG) – 16:33
Where we’re at in the current Industrial Revolution? – 17:15
Expertise required for bio tech? – 24:18
Polarean Imaging (POLX) – 26:39
How did you respond to CV19? – 29:43
Dart Group/Jet2 – 33:43
Renalytix AI (RENX) – 36:29
Maxcyte (MXCT) – 42.54

Eqtec (EQT) – 45:57
The hydrogen industry – 50 :47
Value versus growth stocks – 54:28


About Paul Jourdan:

Dr Paul Jourdan co-founded Amati Global Investors following the management buyout of Noble Fund Managers from Noble Group in January 2010, having joined Noble in 2007 as Head of Equities. His fund management career began in 1998 with Stewart Ivory, where he gained experience in UK, emerging market, and global equities. In 2000, Stewart Ivory was taken over by First State and Paul became manager of what is now TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund. In 2004, he was appointed Head of UK Equities at First State. In early 2005, he launched Amati VCT plc and he also manages Amati VCT 2 after the investment management contract moved to Amati Global Investors in 2010 (In 2018 Amati VCT merged into Amati VCT 2 which was then renamed Amati AIM VCT). Prior to 1998, Paul worked as a professional violinist, including a four-year period with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. He currently serves as a Director of Sistema Scotland and Clean Trade, both of which are UK registered charities.

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