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piworld interview: Andrew Hollingworth - Reflections on 2020

piworld interview: Andrew Hollingworth - Reflections on 2020

08 January 2021

Andrew Hollingworth, Founder, HollAnd Advisors, discusses his investment approach and running a fund during CV19: what went well and badly, and opportunities for 2021. We get a real sense of some of the aspects of fund management.

Andrew’s background & HollAnd Advisors – 00:31
How’s the fund performed since it’s inception? – 4:57
Growth v value investing – 06:38
2020 – 10:20
Dealing with a large drawdown? – 15:52
2020, what went well? What would Andrew have changed? – 21:53
2021 opportunities – 25:05
Greggs (GRG) – 30:12

About Andrew Hollingworth:
Andrew set up Holland Advisors in 2008. Holland provides High quality investment research to some of the world’s most senior and respected institutional investors. Andrew also manages an equity investment fund which he set up in 2011, which is converting to UK UCITS status in early 2021. Andrew specialises in looking to invest in owner manager run businesses that compound at high per-share rates for long periods. However, he is keen to invest at times when the stock market may be less believing in them. (Ie he is looking buy great companies when they are priced like bad ones). Andrew and his team at Holland also give macro-economic insights, having successfully expressed caution ahead of both the 2008 economic crisis and Covid 19. Prior to Holland Advisors Andrew worked for Merrill Lynch, Redburn Partners and Henderson Fund Managers. He started working in the Investment industry in 1987, aged 18.

Previous interview with Andrew.

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