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piworld Thursday webinar: Robin Griffiths' Macro Commentary for Investors

piworld Thursday webinar: Robin Griffiths' Macro Commentary for Investors

12 June 2020

Robin takes us on a bearish economic journey, giving his view for the next few years, then forward to strength driven by China and India. Based on his research, he maps out how investors can optimise their investing returns to benefit from these future trends.

Robin’s background – 00:46
Where do markets go from here? – 04:09
Deflation followed by inflation – 07:52
Will the financial system collapse with the debt? – 11:06
Will the Fed stimulus devalue the dollar? – 13:13
Where do you see Gold headed? – 16:35
What happens after 2023? – 19:05
What should investors be doing? – 27:56

Robin’s portfolio – 40:13
Why invest in gilts? – 42:28
Views on Brexit? – 43:29
Economic recovery driven by millennials? – 45:15
Gold investments – 48:23 Silver – 50:46
Which instruments do you use to short indices? – 51:55
Global political tensions: US as a single country – 53:11
Robin’s newsletter – 56:06

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About Robin Griffiths
Robin Griffiths is one of the world’s most experienced and highly regarded market analysts. As well as being one of the two managing editors of Dynamic Investment Trends Alert, he is also currently Head of the Multi-Asset Research & Advisory team at the ECU Group. The team was awarded ‘Independent Research House of the Year’ and ‘Best Independent Research House for Equities’ in the Technical Analyst Awards 2018, ‘Best Independent Research House for Fixed Income’ and ‘Best Independent Research House for Emerging Markets’ categories of the 2017 Technical Analyst Awards and was also finalist in four categories of the 2016 Technical Analyst Awards.

Robin began his career in the financial markets with Phillips & Drew in 1966, having taken a degree in economics at Nottingham University. He went on to become a partner at WI Carr, the first British stock broker to have offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Part of this firm was acquired by Grieveson Grant, with whom Robin enjoyed a stay in Japan. In 1986 Robin joined James Capel, which was already owned by HSBC. He stayed there until normal retirement age, and during that period travelled all over the world to meet their extended client base. For the last six years of that employment, Robin was resident in New York. Having left HSBC Investment Bank in 2004, Robin then joined Rathbones as head of asset allocation in 2005, where he stayed until 2007. During that period he advised Rathpeacon Management LLC – a hedge fund invested in the 500 largest Global companies.

Thereafter, he became the Technical Strategist for Cazenove Capital and managed the Worldwide Absolute Return hedge fund. Robin has been a regular on CNN, CNBC, Reuters and Bloomberg TV. He is a committee member and former chairman of the International Federation of Technical Analysts; former chairman, now fellow, of the British Society of Technical Analysts; and honorary member of the Swiss Association of Market Technicians (SAMT). Robin is also author of several notable financial market books, including Mapping the Markets, Future Storm, and has co-authored a chapter in the book Technical Analysis & Behavioural Finance in Fund Management: Discussions with Investment Managers and Analysts and Breakthroughs in Technical Analysis.

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