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The perspective of a teenage investor, a piworld interview.

The perspective of a teenage investor, a piworld interview.

16 August 2019

If you’re trying to get your teenage relative(s) into investing, watch this.

Ryan began investing at 11 years old, having made money from car boot sales, and other entrepreneurial activities. He opened his account with £1,000. Over the last 6 years, has achieved an average annual return of around 100%! Here, he outlines how he became interested in investing, how he taught himself, and how he goes about achieving those exceptional returns. Hopefully it will inspire more young people to take an interest in investing.

What attracted you to investing? – 04:26
How did you have the money to invest? – 06:30
How did you teach yourself investing? – 09:07
The first position – 11:28
Opening accounts – 12:25
Resources and oil and gas shares – 13:29
What are your criteria for stock selection? – 14:22
Footasylum – 20:45
What returns are you looking to achieve? – 23:37
How long will you hold a position? – 24:43
Have you had a wipe out year, when you made nothing? – 25:40
How would you encourage more young people to invest? – 26:32
What do you want to do with your career? – 28:57
What is – 30:46

Ryan refers to his research website, here:

He can be found on Twitter: @Ryankia2 or @quantiumcast

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