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Unlock deep stock market insights, with Stockopedia’s award-winning research platform for individual investors. PIWORLD viewers can claim a 25% discount on the first year of any annual plan with a risk-free 14 day trial if you sign up through this link. Your trial will give you instant access to the most comprehensive, easy-to-use factor investing toolbox on the web.

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Research Tree

Research Tree is a fast-growing platform that aggregates a range of research, video content and events from Banks, Brokers, Research Houses and other content providers. We make all this available to investors across our platform, our apps, and via our API and product suite to key distribution partners such as the LSE, on Broker Portals and on a growing number of company IR websites

  • Annual All Research subscribers get 22% off, reducing the subscription from £270/yr to £210/yr
  • Annual 3 Stock Coverage subscribers get 22% off, reducing the subscription from £85/yr to £65/yr (actually 23.5%)
  • Monthly All Research subscribers get 20% off, reducing the subscription from £25/month to £20/month
  • Monthly 3 Stock Coverage subscribers get 25% off, reducing the subscription from £8/month to £6/month

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ShareSoc is a not-for-profit membership organisation run by individual investors for individual investors.

We aim to improve your investment experience and to represent your best interests.

If you invest in shares, funds or bonds you should be a member of ShareSoc.

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PIWORLD provides investors with the latest news and insight about listed companies and their management through either live or recorded investor presentations, management interviews, Capital Market Days and corporate overviews, together with interviews with leading fund managers or esteemed private investors in the small cap world.

Our Services

PIWORLD delivers high quality audio and video content to present anything from full-year & interim results to Capital Markets Days and corporate overviews. We bridge the gap between listed companies and the private investor community, who drive the share price and provide liquidity, providing a time and cost effective medium to reach this diverse and important audience.